The Harambee*-Initiative

Harambee Thomas Bauknecht Foundation (HTBF).

An African - German Medical Collaboration Program 

Teaching & Training and Medical Research


The HTBF was created by German physicians and pharmacists and has the idealistic pro-bono solution to establish medical education and training as well as medical research with the aim to improve the health outcome of patients in rural and underserved urban areas and to initiate collaborating partnerships between African and German University Medical Schools. The HTBF Initiative integrates funding coming from pharmaceutical industrial partners as sponsors of clinical research programs.   

The program started in 2013 in Kenya and Uganda with the intention to generate medical knowledge for “help yourself” and to endorse the needed equipment in under-privileged hospitals (see the reports).

We know that particularly in the Sub-Sahara African area a big help is needed to improve medical experience in dealing with hard to treat diseases like cancer, infectious diseases and nutrition disorders. In addition the access to modern medical drugs in the treatment of these life threatening diseases is a major issue. 

Our experts will repeat in the next years the training procedures in medical skills and support the medical research programs in order to create a sustained improvement of health outcome, which enables patients to receive a high quality medical services.The East African countries Kenya and Uganda are an ideal starting location because of their economical and social stability.  The Harambee-Initiative HTBF is a non-profit organization and will be legally under the umbrella of Keep, The World foundation,

Keep The World foundation is a non-profit organization supporting the millennium aims of the UN and helps other organizations in their own operations.

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